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How to Know What to Inspect During an HVAC Installation

Installing an HVAC unit is a difficult and highly technical process. If done incorrectly, it can damage the system, as well as waste energy and cause discomfort throughout the house. However, if you get a contractor who knows what they’re doing, your system will run efficiently and keep your house comfortable for many years. Here’s what to expect from a quality HVAC installation.

  • Certification. It’s essential that your HVAC contractor be NATE certified. The North American Technical Excellence organization trains contractors in all different types of HVAC equipment, rigorously testing them to guarantee competent installation. NATE certification is the only way to ensure the job is done properly.
  • Sizing. Your contractor will calculate the heating or cooling load your home needs and then size your equipment accordingly. Several factors can affect your HVAC size, from your home’s square footage to the size of your windows to the height of your ceilings. Quality contractors use Manual J to determine the correct-size unit for your home.
  • Ductwork assessment. Are your ducts the correct size for your unit? Do they provide adequate airflow? Are they leaking or otherwise in need of repairs? Your contractor should assess the health of your ductwork and address any issues that could affect your unit’s efficiency.
  • The process. During the HVAC installation itself, your contractor will cut power to your HVAC system, then disassemble the old system and put in the new one. The process usually takes about a day, but if there are any unforeseen issues, they may need to come back the next day.
  • Equipment disposal. The final thing your HVAC contractor will do after HVAC installation is to dispose of your old unit. It contains a number of metal parts, including steel, copper, and aluminum, which can be recycled, as well as refrigerant, which must be either recycled or properly disposed of. The contractor will take your old system to a facility where all of this can be done safely.

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