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Will HVAC Damage Be Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Have you wondered if your HVAC is covered by homeowners insurance? If not, you should. Your HVAC unit is the most expensive appliance in your home, so it will behoove you to make sure it’s insured — and under what circumstances. The fact is, you can usually file a claim for replacement or repair of the HVAC if it’s damaged by an event that’s covered as delineated in policy documents.

The following situations are ones in which homeowners insurance may help reimburse you for the cost of the HVAC

  1. Hail damage. Hail can damage the outdoor side of the air conditioner, which is the condenser. In general, the policy that covers the dwelling includes coverage for the air conditioner. Window units are usually not covered.
  2. Falling trees. Homeowners insurance policies will cover damage to the HVAC system from a falling tree, which might happen during a storm.
  3. Wear and tear or old age. Homeowners insurance policies generally do not cover replacement for parts or replacement of units due to wear and tear and old age. That is considered the homeowner’s responsibility.
  4. Flooding. Most homeowners insurance policies exclude covering flood damage to the HVAC. You should buy special flood insurance, which will likely cover the entire house. Nor do most policies cover leaking HVAC units.

When your unit is damaged due to any of the above covered incidents, you will need to ascertain if the damage is more costly than the deductible. If it is, you will likely want to file a claim. In that case, an adjuster will look at the damage and estimate cost of repair or replacement. You may be reimbursed for the cost to replace the unit or the value of the unit if the policy covers cash value. Go over what your policy covers with your insurance agent so you will know what to expect in case the unit is damaged.

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