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What Are All the AC Parts Inside Your Home’s AC Unit?

If you want your summer to go smoothly, then you need to make sure that your air conditioner is running properly. To help you get started, let’s take a look at some of the AC parts that keep the system going.


Your air conditioner wouldn’t even be able to turn on if you didn’t have a thermostat, which makes it one of the most important of all AC parts. Smart thermostats are the best choice because they give you better control over your energy usage and will allow you to make changes remotely through a Wi-Fi connection.

Expansion Valve

Your HVAC system’s expansion valve controls how much refrigerant is released into the evaporator coil. This is basically what controls the efficiency of the AC unit, making it another one of the very important AC parts. If the coil receives too little or too much refrigerant, this can cause problems. The expansion valve helps provide the perfect amount.

Air Filter

Once your air filter is clogged up with dirt and debris, your AC system won’t run as well. This makes the filter an essential component. As a general rule, the filter will need to be either changed or replaced every one to three months depending on what type you use. This will help keep your system running properly while maintaining good indoor-air quality.


You might know refrigerant by its more popular brand name: Freon. This is the special liquid that’s needed to cool your home. Without refrigerant, even the best air conditioners wouldn’t be able to work properly. Refrigerant will run low from time to time, so make sure to periodically check the levels.


Your air-conditioning system’s blower might be a simple component, but it’s also an essential one. Without the blower and the blower motor, the treated air in your system wouldn’t have anywhere to go. Once the air has been treated, the blower pushes it out into your home through the ductwork.

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