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Why You Should Work to Get a Clean AC Unit in Your Home

Keeping your AC unit clean is an important part of making sure it runs efficiently. A dirty AC unit can make it more difficult for air to pass through, leading to poor indoor air quality (IAQ), lower efficiency, more wear and tear, and a higher chance that you’ll need repairs. The following tips can help you clean your AC unit.

What You’ll Need

Gather the tools you’ll need to clean your AC unit. This typically includes a fin comb, condenser-coil cleaner, and an evaporator coil cleaner. You should also have a brand-new air filter handy to put in your HVAC system.

Shut Off Power to the Unit

Don’t attempt to clean your AC without turning the power off first. Go to your electrical box and flip the circuit breaker for your AC unit to the off position.

Change the Air Filter

Take out the dirty filter in your HVAC system and put the new one in to help improve IAQ and efficiency. Keep in mind that you might need to replace your filter every month — or at least every few months.

Clean the Indoor Unit

Remove the panel on your indoor unit and use the evaporator-coil cleaner to clean these coils. Removing debris and dust helps keep your indoor unit working properly.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Remove the grille cover on the outdoor unit, then use the condenser-coil cleaner on these coils to help clean your AC. Rinse off the outdoor unit with a hose to remove the cleaning solution. Use a fin comb to straighten any metal fins that are bent. Replace the grille cover when you’re done.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Make sure the outdoor unit has at least a few feet of space around it. You might need to remove vegetation, such as weeds, as well as twigs or other debris. This debris and vegetation can block air as it tries to flow through the outdoor unit.

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