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What to Do About a Dripping AC Unit Inside Your Home

Dripping ACExcess moisture accumulation inside your air conditioner can make the system leak water into your home. A dripping AC unit could be a sign of a serious problem. Keep reading to learn more about how you should handle this issue.

Turn Off the AC Unit

You should turn off your air-conditioning unit as soon as you notice water dripping from it. Although the unit can work as it leaks water, the water accumulation could cause severe damage to internal components if you keep using the unit.

Change or Clean Your Air Filter

If there’s ice on the evaporator coils, changing the air filter or cleaning it if it’s washable can solve the issue. Start the unit after putting in the clean filter and allowing the ice to melt, with a bucket placed underneath to catch all the water. If the coils freeze over again, your AC unit may be low on refrigerant. You’ll need to have the system recharged by a professional.

Clean the Drain Line

Your condensate drain line could be blocked, causing your air conditioner to leak water. You can clean the drain line by opening the PVC cap and scrubbing the interior of the drain line with a long wire brush. Pouring bleach down your drain line every six months will help prevent mold or algae growth.

Replace or Patch Your Drain Pan

Your drain may be cracked or rusted, causing water to drip from it. The pan may need replacement. If the pan has just one small reachable hole, you can patch it using epoxy putty.

Call an HVAC Pro

There are several other causes of a dripping AC unit that you can’t fix yourself, such as:

You’ll have to call an HVAC professional for these repairs.

Fixing the dripping AC unit sooner helps keep damage to a minimum. Whenever you need AC repairs or annual tuneups in the Yuma area to prevent a dripping AC or other related problems, contact the professionals with more than 428 combined years of experience at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company.