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Why You Should Always Schedule Regular HVAC Service

Your HVAC equipment helps ensure that your Yuma home stays comfortable all year, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. Routine maintenance is an essential part of making sure your HVAC system continues working right year after year. Regular HVAC service can provide you with the following benefits.

Dependable Heating and Cooling

Routine maintenance reduces the risk of having your HVAC system break down. Our technicians inspect your equipment to look for any parts that are loose or damaged. We also check other components to ensure that your HVAC equipment can run properly. This means you can rely on having steady heating and cooling as needed throughout the year. While you can do some maintenance tasks yourself, such as replacing HVAC filters, you’ll need professional maintenance to take care of the rest.

Lower Energy Bills

Having maintenance done on your HVAC system helps it run with better efficiency. When it uses less energy, you’ll have lower energy bills. Since heating and cooling can make up a huge part of your energy costs, this leads to considerable savings. Without routine HVAC service, your HVAC equipment ends up using more energy than it should.

Longer HVAC Life Span

HVAC systems have a certain life expectancy, which is generally at least a decade or more. However, you might need to have yours replaced sooner if it goes without routine maintenance. These maintenance visits help reduce excess wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment. This helps lower the need for costly repairs or, worse, a total replacement.

When to Schedule HVAC Service

How often does your HVAC equipment need maintenance? You should plan on scheduling these visits at least once per year to keep your heating and cooling equipment in good condition. This means having HVAC maintenance done twice a year. This includes having your central air conditioning maintained once per cooling season and your furnace or heat pump maintained once per heating season.

If you need to schedule HVAC service, please contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We offer reliable, routine maintenance to heating and cooling systems for homeowners in and around the Yuma area.