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Know How You Should Handle Flammable Items at Home

There is no better time than now to reduce fire risks in your home. Storing flammable items correctly is a step you can take right away. Here are some helpful tips.      

Keep Flammable Products Away from Open Flames

This might sound obvious, but an open flame doesn’t just mean a candle or a fire in a fireplace.  Open flames include the pilot light in an older gas furnace, gas stove, or water heater.

When fumes leak from solvents, fuels, or other flammables, these vapors can reach the pilot light and cause an explosion. Avoid storing these products in your utility room or kitchen.

Similarly, keep flammable items away from other sources of heat, such as space heaters.

Employ Adequate Ventilation and Control Temperature

If you don’t own a certified flammables cabinet, store flammable liquids in a well-ventilated and temperature-controlled area. Good ventilation can keep fumes from rapidly concentrating and igniting.

Flammables have a low flash point. This means many items, such as solvents or aerosols, can spontaneously ignite or explode if they get too hot. Avoid storing them in sunlight or other hot areas inside or outside of the home.

Dispose of Combustibles the Correct Way

Oil-based products generate heat when they dry. For this reason, rags soaked with solvents, oil-based paints, or other finishes need to be disposed of carefully to avoid fire. Never store these rags, paintbrushes, or other used oily items clumped together or in a small space such as a trash can or bag. Instead, follow the manufacturer’s directions for disposal or dry the items thoroughly in a place with plenty of ventilation and away from open flames or direct sunlight.

Flammable Items in the Kitchen

Common kitchen items, such as flour, nondairy powdered creamer, and cooking oils are also highly flammable. Store these away from the stove in a cabinet or pantry.

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