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Why Inspecting a Prospective Home’s HVAC System Is Wise

You’ve found a home you love and you’re getting ready to buy it. You’ve already had it inspected for damage and other potential issues. Now you need to schedule a separate inspection for the HVAC system. Here’s why HVAC inspection is essential for any prospective home.

Warranty and Replacement

The heating and cooling systems are the most expensive appliances in the average home. Furthermore, they’re not usually included in your new home’s regular inspection beyond simply turning them on and off to see if they run.

However, even if the system runs, it might be on its last legs, or it could need expensive repairs. Imagine spending a lot of money on a new house only to find out several months later that you need to replace a broken furnace or AC. It’s better to spend a few hundred dollars now for the inspection than a few thousand later for a totally new system.

With an HVAC inspection, you can find out approximately how old the system is and how much longer you can expect it to run. Is the unit’s warranty still good? Is it covered by your home warranty? If the system is failing, your realtor might be able to negotiate for the seller of your prospective home to replace it themselves or knock a few thousand dollars off of the asking price.


Unit replacement isn’t the only HVAC cost you need to be aware of. The furnace and AC are also the two biggest energy consumers in most homes. By having the system inspected in your prospective home, you can determine how much energy the system uses.

Will your new home’s energy bills be on par with the rest of the neighborhood or will your HVAC system drive them sky high? Will basic maintenance improve efficiency or does the unit need a replacement or expensive repairs? Answering these questions before you buy a home will provide insight into whether or not your prospective home is worth owning.

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