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Home Ventilation Guidelines For Yuma-Area Homeowners

In southwest Arizona, we all know the sun can be scorching and the heat unbearable. Proper home ventilation is a critical component to cooling your house and maintaining a satisfactory comfort level. Here are three home ventilation guidelines for Yuma area residents:Home Ventilation Guidelines For Yuma-Area Homeowners

How much attic ventilation do you need?

You don’t want more attic ventilation than you need. In general, for every 300 square feet of ceiling space, one square foot of ventilation is required. While inadequate attic ventilation is the most common problem in homes, too much ventilation can cause problems as well. Roof vents can allow wildfire sparks to enter the home, or high winds to cause damage, and in Arizona’s dry and often windy climate, that’s a potential risk. Too much ventilation can also decrease energy efficiency during the hot summer months, so don’t install more than the required amount of vents in your home’s attic.

Roof ventilation efficiency in the summer

During the summer, roof ventilation can increase a house’s energy efficiency, but it’s not the only factor. Sun exposure plays a role, as does the color of shingles and how well the house is insulated. Overall, these factors play a larger role in house efficiency than roof ventilation. During the summer, roof vents lessen your air conditioner’s cooling load, but there are other and perhaps better methods of increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Best type of roof vents

There’s a lot of debate over which type of roof vent is best. Though they all have their pros and cons, not all are suited for a hot climate or for every type of roof.

Ridge vents are considered the most cost effective; however, if they don’t contain baffles that stop external air from crossing the vent, air can get trapped in the attic instead. This produces very little, if any, ventilation, and should be avoided.

The ridge and soffit ventilation is considered the most effective system, but it’s not appropriate for all roof designs.

If in doubt regarding which venting system will work best, contact a qualified roof inspector to examine your roof for design and weaknesses. He can recommend the best venting system for your home.

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