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Prepare Your A/C With A Spring Tuneup

The southwest Arizona cooling season is here, which means you’ll need your air conditioner in top working order. While there’s a few things you can do yourself to maintain the A/C, like basic cleaning and filter changes, you should not neglect getting a comprehensive spring A/C tuneup from a trusted HVAC professional.

Benefits of Annual MaintenancePrepare Your A/C With A Spring Tuneup

A typical annual tuneup service is inexpensive for the amount of benefits you get. Your technician can find most problems and fix them before they develop into something serious that could cost you both time and money. Not only that, but keeping everything running in good condition will prolong the life of your A/C, saving you money on a premature replacement.

If an A/C isn’t in peak condition, its efficiency can decline significantly. This means your energy bills will go up and the comfort of your home will go down. A well-maintained air conditioner, on the other hand, will have lower operating costs and do a better job of cooling your entire home.

A Typical Tuneup

After the winter, it’s easy to forget problems that may have developed at the end of last year’s cooling season. It’s important for your family’s comfort and health to find and fix these issues before the Yuma area begins experiencing sizzling day after sizzling day for weeks on end.

While exact services will differ, expect that your technician will do most of the following:

  • Flush the A/C’s condensate drain
  • Inspect the condition of blower motor and belts
  • Test airflow and air balancing
  • Inspect ductwork for air leaks
  • Tighten and clean all electrical connections
  • Clean all outdoor components, and make sure there’s no airflow obstructions
  • Lubricate the A/C’s motor and inspect belts
  • Check refrigerant level and recharge if necessary. If the level is low, he should check for leaks
  • Test all basic functions

Tasks such as changing the air filter may or may not be covered, as well as follow-up inspections depending on what level of service you ordered.

If you would like a spring A/C tuneup for your Yuma area home, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Co.

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