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Seek Professional Help When Fixing a Leaky A/C System in Your Yuma Home

A vast majority of central A/C service calls are because of water leaks. Because A/Cs remove humidity, as well as heat, they need a way to drain moisture away. When something goes wrong, a leaky A/C system is the result. If your blower is located in the ceiling, a leaky air conditioner could cause property damage. Even when the leak is outside, it’s important to have it fixed for efficiency and comfort purposes.Seek Professional Help When Fixing a Leaky A/C System in Your Yuma Home

Here’s a look at how a professional can help fix leaky air conditioners:

  • Check the condensate pump: In some cases, condensate simply exits through a floor drain. Other times, it’s pumped away with a small electric condensate pump. The first thing a technician will check is whether the pump is plugged in and receiving power. To do this, he’ll pour water into the condensate pan. The pump should turn on when the water level rises. If it’s malfunctioning, the pump can either be repaired or replaced.
  • Inspect the condensate line: A clogged line is the most common cause of a leaky A/C system. Slime, mildew, bacteria and algae are all potential culprits. The technician will remove the blockage and may apply an algaecide treatment at your request to help curb future growth.
  • Inspect the condensate pan: The pan itself could be damaged. A crack or hole is enough to cause your A/C to leak instead of draining moisture away. Your technician will likely to replace your damaged pan to remedy the problem.
  • Look for ice: Moisture passing over the evaporator coil can freeze if your A/C is low on refrigerant. A dirty air filter may also be to blame as they can restrict airflow over the coil. When ice melts, it drips water and causes a leak. To prevent this problem from happening again, your technician will check and recharge the refrigerant if needed and advise a filter change every month or two.

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