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Best Way to Heat an Old Home

Best Way to Heat an Old HomeIf you own or are considering purchasing an older home, you’ve no doubt realized that heating older homes presents some significant challenges. Here are some of the best ways to meet these challenges for heating old homes.

Ductless mini-splits

Ductless mini-splits are a heat pump-based system that work without the need for ductwork. They are ideal for older homes where there is not enough room for ductwork or where existing ducts cannot be expanded. They consist of an outdoor heat pump unit and several indoor air handlers that are connected to the outdoor unit. The heat pump produces heating and the indoor units distribute it in the rooms where they are installed. These types of systems are flexible and allow you to put more air handlers in rooms where additional heating is needed.


Standard fireplaces add atmosphere as well as heating to an older home. If they don’t already exist, they can be added relatively easily. Traditional fireplaces burn wood, but there are other models that use natural gas or propane as fuel. Electric fireplaces don’t burn anything, but offer artificial flames for decoration.

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