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What Attic Fan Benefits Are There to Having One at Home?

Proponents of attic fans claim they offer significant energy savings while keeping homes much cooler. The idea is that the fans move the hot air that rises in your home upward — and out of the living space. But is an attic fan the right choice for your Yuma home? Read on to learn about attic fan benefits.

Attic Fans for Yuma: A Good Choice?

Although our dry desert climate means we don’t have to deal with the humidity that can make a home’s occupants feel warmer than they should, our consistently hot temperatures mean we likely have to use our air conditioner the majority of the year. Thus, anything that takes a bit of the strain off the AC can be a good choice. That’s just one of many attic fan benefits.

An attic fan circulates hot and/or humid air at the top of the house and in the attic, then pushes it out of the home’s upper regions. Because of this air exchange, hot, stale air isn’t hovering under the roof.

It’s worth remembering that, although Yuma is exceedingly dry, humid conditions can occasionally prevail in homes when a great deal of moisture is generated by running water in bathrooms or cooking in the kitchen. That humidity might be exhausted to the outdoors by bathroom or kitchen vents, but if not, it could rise with warm air into the attic of your home, where it might cause problems. Granted, in our dry climate, that’s unlikely, but it may depend on how much moisture is generated in your home.

An attic fan will require the cost of the unit and the installation, and of course, it will cost something to run. However, it may lower your energy bill by removing hot air from your home, thus taking some of the load off your air conditioner so that it can reach the thermostat’s set points easier, which is clearly one of the most important attic fan benefits. If you are concerned about the cost of running the fan, you might consider a solar model, which will work very well in our consistently sunny climate.

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